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Integration of Orthopedic Service Line into Ambulatory Care Neurology/Neurosurgery Clinic

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Background: We were tasked with organizational request to grow and implement orthopedic services at Fairview Hospital by collaboratively sharing space within a Neurological/Neurosurgery ambulatory clinic site.
Purpose: To increase Fairview Hospital’s Orthopedic services and increase organizational revenue while working collaboratively in the Neurological Institute ambulatory clinic space.
Methodology: We began with allotting 4-6 exam rooms for this organizational initiative which included orthopedic supplies (DME, casting) exam tables, medications, and computers/workstations. The orthopedic services began with oncology and sports medicine in November 2020. Service lines added included hand /plastics, trauma, tendon, and podiatry incrementally through 2021 and 2022. Equipment upgrades included a mini C-arm and Ultrasound for imaging.
Literature Review: A review of the literature showed evidence supporting physician referral for orthopedic services without affecting the show rate of our Neurology patients. Physician referral was found to be the most important factor influencing patient choice of orthopedic services (Antonacci, et al., 2021).
Marketing strategies were found to be not proportionally beneficial during the first six months of an orthopedic practice start-up period (Antonacci, et al., 2021). The risk of no-show was found to be low for multiple sclerosis, movement disorder, and neuromuscular clinics (Elkhider et al., 2022).
Outcome: Our Orthopedic volume increased form 12 patients in April 2021 to 611 patients in March of 2022 demonstrating nearly a 5000% increase in 12 months.
Conclusion: Increased orthopedic services benefited patient access and organization revenue. Neurology Services were not interrupted.
Antonacci, C. L., Omari, A. M., Bassora, R., Levine, H. B., Seidenstein, A., Klein, G. R., Inzerillo, C., Alberta, F. G., & Sodha, S. (2021). Success of Various Marketing Strategies for a New-to-the-Area Orthopedic Practice. Cureus, 13(9), e18122. https://doi.org/10.7759/cureus.18122
Elkhider, H., Sharma, R., Sheng, S., Thostenson, J., Kapoor, N., Veerapaneni, P., Siddamreddy, S., Ibrahim, F., Yadala, S., Onteddu, S., & Nalleballe, K. (2022). Predictors of No-Show in Neurology Clinics. Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland), 10(4), 599. https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare10040599



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