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Are you a registered nurse in an ambulatory care setting?

AAACN understands, appreciates, and supports all ambulatory care nurses. Discover how AAACN supports nurses like you! 

Join AAACN and enjoy the benefits!

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Participate in Communities - the online, members-only networking community of AAACN

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Receive members-only discount pricing on resources/products, including sessions, courses, and CNE in the AAACN Online Library.

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Read ViewPoint, AAACN’s peer reviewed bimonthly publication.

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Join a Special Interest Group (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are networking groups that AAACN members can join related to one of many practice interests within ambulatory care nursing. Each of the 7 SIGs have their own Community, an online networking forum, to discuss related issues and best practices and share resources/tools with each other.

Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCTM)
The CCTM SIG provides a forum to discuss CCTM-related issues and best practices and share resources/tools with each other to support CCTM practice.

The goal of the Leadership SIG is to develop and support ambulatory care leaders. Leadership SIG members are diverse – from new leaders to seasoned experts.

Patient/Staff Education
The Patient/Staff Education SIG promotes excellence in nursing practice through patient and staff education competency of nurses in ambulatory care.

The Pediatrics SIG identifies ambulatory pediatric nursing as a key specialty within ambulatory care. The group's purpose is to support and promote networking opportunities for members who have a shared interest in pediatric nursing.

Telehealth Nursing Practice
The Telehealth SIG promotes telehealth nursing practice, an exciting sub-specialty in ambulatory care nursing.

Tri-Service Military
The Tri-Service Military SIG represents the diverse group of military and government nurses in AAACN. Its members have a variety of clinical backgrounds, including inpatient/outpatient, large, and small facilities, and collaborate on ambulatory care and related issues that touch nursing across the military.

Veterans Affairs
The VA SIG provides a forum to discuss best practices in ambulatory care in the VA setting, and to network with VA nurses across the country; a very interactive, supportive group, with lively discussions on a wide variety of topics.

Nurses, Share Your Stories

Your experiences as a nurse are powerful, not just for our nursing community, but for everyone.

AAACN would like to give you a voice, so we are asking you to share your COVID-19 stories and experiences, which we will present on our digital and print platforms.

All submissions will be posted in a new section on the AAACN website. We want to hear what you have to say.

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