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P48A - Let's Talk About It: Clinical Practice Council (CPC) across a Large Organization

The purpose of the clinical practice council (CPC) is to provide education for the clinic leads, clinic supervisors, and clinic administrators. The core function of this council is to engage clinical team members in evidence-based best practices, continuous readiness, and regulatory updates to ensure remarkable care of our patients. CPC collaborates with team members from various departments across the organization, including clinical education and training, electronic health record optimization, patient-centered medical home, and lab/radiology services.

Our ambulatory care network consists of 554 ambulatory clinics across three states. CPC has evolved over the last five years from two in-person meetings to one webinar to include the entire organization. By using the monthly webinar platform, there have been cost savings from decreased travel as well as the advantage of the interactive technology offered through the webinar. Meetings are scheduled as a calendar invite through an email to all clinics for a two-hour time frame. The presentation of content occurs with a webinar and conference line to provide live and interactive feedback across the organization. Content topics of discussion are aimed at new policies and procedures, evidence-based practices, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) updates, radiology updates, laboratory updates, quality metrics, and clinical resource services updates.

The desired result of CPC is to provide a seamless and standardized delivery of evidence-based best practices and continues readiness and any regulatory updates to a large group of clinical team members in all of our various services lines across organizations markets. The successes and opportunities for improvement for CPC are measured by the distribution of an annual survey monkey to those team members who are active participants each month. Information gathered from the survey include: job title, monthly attendance, method of delivery of information from CPC to entire team/clinic, and topics of interest for presentations. Year-to-year results are measured by increased engagement of the clinical team members, increased patient safety, and improved quality care. As technology abilities increase and our organization continues to grow, the webinar platform provides our organization with the ability to reach a very large group of attendees with standardized education and updates to make each patient experience remarkable.