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P25A - Leadership: Owning the Patient Experience in Ambulatory Care

One of the primary accountabilities of nursing leadership is to promote high-quality outcomes. One critical element of high-quality outcomes is patient experience. Patient experience is associated with higher levels of adherence to recommended prevention and treatment processes that yield better clinical outcomes. Patient experience is not consistently included in leadership development curriculums. To address this gap, I have created a multi-method module to be included in the nursing leadership development curriculum. This module contains key content as it relates to patient experience in ambulatory care. The methods used are didactic, case study, and patient vignettes. The effectiveness of this module will be measured by a pre- and post-test evaluation. The pre- and post-evaluation will test key concepts of knowledge and skills relating to patient experience in ambulatory care. The inclusion of patient experience is essential to stay on the forefront of professional practice. Nursing leaders honing their understanding and utilization of patient experience is vital to remain competitive in today’s healthcare climate. 




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