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P030 - Dedicated Educational Time Improves Clinical Staff Engagement in the Congenital Heart Clinic

‐ Apr 22, 2022 2:00pm

Background: Continuing clinical education is a priority in subspecialty ambulatory care clinics. Training for nursing and clinical staff within pediatric specialties typically occurs on the job and with experience over time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities for clinical teaching in real time became challenging due to social distancing.

Intervention: We developed a staff education series, with goals of improving continued education and providing a platform for connection when many of our staff were remote. Topics were created to support staff’s clinical knowledge in diagnosis, management, patient care, and practical workflows and presented by physicians, clinical staff, outside guests, and ancillary staff. Sessions were limited to 30 minutes to allow for succinct review and decrease interference with clinical workload. Sessions were recorded and available on a secure network for review at any time. Pre- and post-education surveys were recorded after every session.

Outcomes: Sessions have occurred on a weekly basis over the past 11 months. On average, staff feel that 50% of participants felt that they were able to identify gaps in their knowledge or skills. 60% felt that the topics were important to their work. 53% felt that the sessions were very effective. All sessions have been reviewed remotely. Eight clinical staff have presented topics and ten external presenters have participated.

Conclusion: Short regular educational sessions developed by clinical staff can be an effective way to further clinical skills and education in an accessible manner.