LeeBoon Lim BHScN, RN

LeeBoon Lim's key area of interest is in value added care for people seeking treatment (specific disease) within the healthcare system and in the community, staff development for continuous improvement. LeeBoon started her career as a trainee nurse with Singapore's only School of Nursing (now defunct to move nursing education from hospital to institutional based). Upon registration with the Singapore Nursing Board, she was stationed in the Operating Theatres for 13 years. She then went into inpatient care areas, where she led and supervised nurses in providing pre-& post multi disciplinary surgical care. In 1993, LeeBoon moved onto the Specialist Outpatient Clinics where besides the overall nursing and operations management, she developed, implemented and managed varied services (clinical and operations) in Orthopaedics, ENT (Allergy Services) and Specialized Diagnostic Labs. LeeBoon Holds a Degree in Health Science (Nursing) and a subspecialty in Operating Theatre Nursing Care.