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Appreciative Inquiry: Employee Engagement and Satisfaction in Ambulatory Care Setting

‐ Mar 14, 2023 11:00am

Credits: None available.

Purpose of project: To promote joy at work for clinical nursing staff and explore the impact of appreciative inquiry (AI) techniques approaches on satisfaction and engagement by applying evidence-based practice.
Methodology: A mixed method design was used in ambulatory care clinical settings. Data were collected using Pulse surveys, three open-ended feedback questions, and the NDNQI annual employee engagement survey (EES) in 2020 and 2021. Descriptive statistics and a paired t-test were analyzed; in addition, excerpted comments from the feedback answers supported the data of AI workshops impact.
Results: Although results did not indicate statistical significance from the paired t-test, the AI workshops impacted non-RN staff significantly. All participants indicated that the AI workshops were helpful in increasing their joy at work. 50% of participants answered that AI workshops generated positive energy in the team, and they felt more joy at work, although the other half indicated not measurable increase of joy at work due to lost members. The 2021 engagement indicator (3.62 out of a 5-point scale) in the clinic showed slightly decreased (0.3) to the engagement indicator compared from 2020 (3.92 out of a 5-point scale).
Implication for practice: The results of the study added new knowledge to nursing science in nursing staff management as it specifically relates to promoting joy at work in nursing staff and transformational leadership in nurse managers. Nurse managers can utilize this project in similar healthcare settings. The project also provided an alternative way in creating a positive work environment through changing practices and improving satisfaction, engagement, and reducing turnover as outcomes.


Credits: None available.