June Fouse MSN Ed, RN, NPD-BC

Clinical Nurse Educator, UCHealth

June Fouse is a clinical nurse educator and has been with the University of Colorado Hospital for 15 years. June has served in a number of settings in a variety of different roles. June has a passion for the credentialing ladder in her organization to include MA & RNs. She and a colleague started credentialing workshops for the ambulatory services of which they still support today. June has been an advisor for 13 individuals for both Level III & Level IV. June has twice been a Nightingale nominee (Colorado’s highest nursing excellence award) in 2003 and 2021. One of which she was nominated for her work with the credentialing process and awarded as a Luminary. She also was nominated for and won a Magnet Nurse of the Year (2021) for her hospital for the same credentialing work process. June has been a nurse for 28 years.